Newsletter May 2023

With more than $70 billion earmarked over the next five years in projects nationwide, it’s clear that rail will continue playing a major role in our lives!

At Omada Rail Systems, we’ve been working industriously since 2016 towards improving transport excellence through innovative systems and expanding services – so far with great success. We sincerely thank all of you who have joined us on this journey thus far; here’s hoping for many fruitful collaborative endeavor’s extending into the future! Enjoy your read.

Omada builds the Omada Station

Omada Rail Systems has designed, built and tested a new training platform, which is used to help graduates learn the principles of signalling without having to enter the rail corridor. The Omada Station is an innovation that will demonstrate Omada Rail Systems commitment to the future of the rail systems industry.

Omada to develop MTIA’s Signalling Strategy Taskforce (SST) Training

Omada is delighted to have been selected as the supplier to develop and pilot Signalling Testing courseware on behalf of MTIA’s Signalling Strategy Taskforce (SST).

Mentorship the Omada Way

Omada Mentorship Program support and advice from the best in the business. We are extremely proud to have some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable rail engineers and project managers. It makes sense to tap into this priceless pool of knowledge and experience and use it to support, graduates who are just starting out in the industry or other team members who are seeking to move into more senior roles.
Omada has created a mentorship policy and guidelines to help facilitate a great experience for both the mentor and the team members under their mentorship. There have been many successful outcomes in the time we have been running the program.
Omada Signal Designer Laurence Feron – Farrell said “I definitely receive mentorship from all of the senior engineers at Omada. The effort the whole business goes to, educating myself and other young engineers (and project managers) is one of the things I hold in very high regard.”

Omada Journey

In preparation for Ausrail, Omada developed two new videos which are designed to profile the company and the services we offer to the rail industry. We would like to share one of these videos with you. The video is simply called Journey and it provides an insight into our company and our ‘journey’ so far.

Our Graduate program is helping the rail engineers of the future

Melbourne-based signalling designers, Jennifer Nguyen and Nathan Koutoulas recently joined eight Omada colleagues, undertaking the Graduate Diploma of Railway Signalling. In taking the course, Nathan and Jennifer will benefit from Omada’s generous 1:4 program which provides a full day each week for study activities while undertaking the course.

We are expanding our team

Since our launch in 2016, Omada has grown to over 60 staff and recently our project management team expanded when two outstanding industry professionals joined us. We welcome new Senior Project Manager Aida Ab and Senior Project Manager, Colin McEachan, who will contribute greatly to the wealth of management expertise we have in the Omada team.