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Our Key Services

If you require expert rail signalling engineering input to your projects, the Omada team are here to provide effective solutions by ensuring all work is performed to the highest standard, at a the best price.

We offer an extensive range of quality products & services across rail signalling engineering, project management, telecommunications projects and competency assessments.

  • Planning and Coordination for Signalling Projects
  • Complete Engineering Design for Signalling Systems
  • Complete Engineering Design for Signalling Power Systems
  • Complete Engineering Data Preparation for PBI Systems
  • Complete Engineering Design for Signalling Bonding and Earthing
  • Detailed Drafting of Signalling Systems (MicroStation)
  • Development and Production of Signalling Engineering Documentation
  • Requirements Specifications and Tender Documentation for Signalling Systems
  • Investigations and Reports for Signalling Systems
  • Testing and Commissioning of Signalling Systems
  • Testing Coordination and Tester in Charge (TIC)
  • Principles Testing of Signalling Interlockings
  • Functional Testing
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Correlation
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Design Management
  • System Integration Management
  • Project Engineering/Sub-System Lead
  • Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) Competency Assessments
  • V/Line Competency Assessments
  • ARTC Competency Assessments

Telecommunications Engineering

  • Telecommunications Data Network Engineering
  • Telecommunications Computer Aided Drafting

Why Should You Choose Omada?

At Omada Rail Systems, we focus on getting the basics right – identifying and understanding the requirements of any project, having a collaborative relationship with our clients, and implementing stringent planning for high quality project delivery.

With a comprehensive understanding of industry standards, systems and practices globally, Omada Rail Systems provides high quality professional management and rail engineering services from project inception and feasibility, through to the testing, operations and maintenance phases.

Omada Rail Systems’ personnel have vast years of proven experience in delivering signalling and telecommunication management, planning, design, test and commissioning services for rail authorities across Australia, the U.K., Europe and South-East Asia. Our team brings a wealth of specialist experience that offers innovative, practical, and cost-efficient solutions. We are driven by our desire to meet and exceed our client’s high expectations. 

This gives our clients the confidence that Omada Rail Systems can provide the high-quality service that leads to successful project delivery. 

What our clients say

Our Partners

Gioconda Rail

Gioconda Rail is the leading provider of Desktop Signal Sighting, Asset Mapping, Driver Briefing and BIM/3D Modelling tools.

With over 13 years’ experience in providing their services in the UK, Gioconda have expanded into Europe, America and Australia. As a result of the partnership formed with Omada, Gioconda will be operating in Australia as GioMada.

Gioconda's Services

  • 4K Railway Filming
  • Video Asset Mapping
  • BIM & 3D visualisation
  • Signal Sighting
  • Driver Training and Briefing Packages

KeTech Group

KeTech Group specialise in the provision of enhanced, real-time information, improving rail customer experience and ensuring that both passengers and operators are better informed throughout the end-to-end journey.

Having operated in the UK for over 20 years, KeTech are the leading specialist in aggregating real-time data to create innovative solutions to enhance the rail journey.

KeTech's Products

  • Passenger information systems
  • Customer information systems
  • Train operator display
  • Driver-only Operated CCTV system