About Omada

Omada Rail Systems was formed in 2016 by Luke Craven, Mark Hadfield and Christopher Miller, through a mutual desire to provide high quality and value for money services to the Australian Rail Market.

Our name ‘Omada’ is the Greek word meaning ‘Team’, and is the central unifying ethos driving our core culture.

With vast years of combined experience, our team offers diverse backgrounds within the Rail Signalling and Telecommunications industry in regard to skill sets, and we believe this will provide a unique strength in the current rail market.

We are committed to leading the latest advancements in the rail industry and collaborating with global leaders, shown by our current partnerships with UK based Gioconda Rail and KeTech Group. Specialising in virtual mapping/signal sighting and real time information respectively.


First and foremost, Omada believes in the tenet that SAFETY is paramount and comes first, always.

Our many years of experience has ingrained this ideal in all of our working practices, managing and engineering safety critical systems.


Quality ISO 9001Omada Rail Systems is a ISO9001 certified.

Our consistent approach ensures we continually deliver to the highest standard.


Omada Staff are always honest and consistently demonstrate an uncompromising adherence to our strong moral and ethical philosophy.

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The name ‘Omada’ is the Greek word meaning ‘Team’, and is the central, unifying ethos driving our core culture.

All current team members have worked together in the past in successfully delivering projects within Australia and overseas.