Signalling Design & Planning

Signalling Engineering

We provide high quality signalling engineering services from project inception and feasibility, through to the testing, operations and maintenance phases.

Omada Rail Systems’ signalling team possesses vast years of proven experience in delivering signalling planning, design, testing & commissioning services for rail authorities across Australia, the U.K., Europe and South-East Asia. Our wealth of specialist experience allows us to offer innovative, practical, and cost-efficient solutions; giving our clients the confidence that Omada Rail Systems can provide the high-quality service that leads to a successful project delivery.  Safety is always our number one priority, and with this mindset, we are able to consistently meet and exceed our client’s high expectations. The competitive pricing structure that we use provides you with the best value for money service, while direct access to our team allows for the timely resolution of any issues raised.

Our team’s diverse set of experiences allows us to competently deliver a comprehensive range of signalling service. 

To find out more about how we can help you with our signalling services send us a message through our contacts form.

Our Planning & Design Services

At Omada Rail Systems, we have the resources to provide high quality signalling design services from feasibility studies and concept design right through to detailed design. Our team’s vast experience means that we produce safe design work that is of the highest quality and the best value for money. 

These are the design areas that our team is capable of delivering: