Testing & Commissioning

Rail Signalling Testing & Commissioning Services

At Omada Rail Systems, we are committed to providing the best quality and value service in the delivery of complex projects.

The testing of rail signalling systems requires extensive knowledge of signalling equipment, relevant industry standards and a high level of testing skill. The Omada Rail Systems’ testing team, led by Ian Arnold, possesses the skills and experience to provide high quality testing and commissioning services to ensure system safety and functionality. With staff located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, we are well equipped to meet our client’s needs, wherever they may be. We are driven by our desire to meet and exceed our client’s high expectations. Our competitive pricing structure ensures that you receive best value for money service.

To find out more about how we can help you with our services, send us a message through our contacts form.

What We Provide

We ensure that all our clients experience a positive transition into the commissioning phase of projects through our effective working communication and stakeholder engagement. As a priority, our team works with strict compliance to all relevant T&C standards and procedures, therefore providing our clients with a high quality and safe service. 

Our Testers


Ian Arnold

John Bainbridge

Dan Benton

Joseph Chao

Luke Craven

Luke Craven

Ian Hayes

Ian Hayes

Rob Kerry

Rob Kerry

Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller

Louis Ludike

Gavin McDowell

Nathan Murphy

Nathan Murphy

Nicolas Soilleux

South Australia

Peter Briton

David Gardner

Matt Hooper

Daniel Lorca

Magnus Vandepeear


Neil Shineton

Liza Kierans

Liza Keirans

New South Wales

Julie Pennington