Omada builds the Omada Station

Omada Rail Systems has designed, built and tested a new training platform, which is used to help graduates learn the principles of signalling without having to enter the rail corridor. 

The Omada Station is an innovation that will demonstrate Omada’s commitment to the future of the rail systems industry.

Using our own resources and signal engineering expertise, the Omada Station took 12 months to build. From concept to completion, our systems engineers used their combined knowledge and experience, to design, build and test the platform to ensure it was fit for purpose.

One of the many challenges they faced was to make the Omada Station a mobile unit rather than a stationery system. The advantage of this innovation in the design was realised when the platform was moved to the Omada stand at AusRAIL, which was held in Brisbane in December 2022. The fully operational training platform, attracted a huge amount of interest from rail industry professionals and graduates, who were very excited to see the unique hands on experience that the Omada Station provides. This sort of experience is rare for graduates who don’t have access to the rail corridor.