Omada to develop MTIA’s Signalling Strategy Taskforce (SST) Training

Omada is delighted to have been selected as the supplier to develop and pilot Signalling Testing courseware on behalf of the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority‘s (MTIA) Signalling Strategy Taskforce (SST).

Recognising the increasing skills shortage in Signalling Design and Testing roles in Victoria, due to the increasing demands of major projects across the eastern seaboard, the SST has aligned new Signalling Design and Testing roles with role specific courses.

In this case, the testing courseware will be developed by Omada and will provide objectively assessed pathways for local and international Signalling Designers and Testers to: 
Gain the domain knowledge for both MTM and V/Line requirements
Develop gap courses for workers who have completed the UK equivalent courses, and
Integrate with Victoria’s new Professional Engineers Registration Act.

It is anticipated that this new courseware and associated trials will be ready for roll out to industry in mid-2023.