Newsletter August 2023

Greener Safer

Omada is proud to contribute to the industry, helping to reduce the impact of an evolving transportation system on the planet. Trucks and cars account for 90 per cent of Australia’s transport emissions, figures show. Rail and rail freight produce sixteen times less CO2 emissions per tonne-km than road freight. . The state-built rail project will bring many environmental benefits, including reducing the need for B-twin trucks on coastal roads and allowing for safer travel.

Mentorship cultivates a supportive workplace

At Omada, we believe mentorship is an essential factor that influences the success and growth of Signal Engineers. Mentorship goes beyond imparting technical knowledge, it fosters professional development and cultivates a supportive workplace. Our senior engineers have years of experience and provide younger engineers with real-world insights and practical skills that are not found in textbooks. By collaborating with their mentors, young Signal Engineers learn problem-solving techniques and innovative approaches which help to accelerate their development

Omada Welcomes Richard Hobby to it's team

Based in New South Wales, Richard joins Omada as Training and Competency Manager. With more than 20 years of rail industry experience in both the United Kingdom and Australia, he has a wealth of knowledge that will be an asset to our company. His role will include managing training programs and competency assessments, running our mentoring program for engineering graduates, and helping them achieve their goals.
Richard said, “ I am looking forward to working with Omada Rail as their Training & Competency Manager and working with the Team across all states to develop their capabilities and in turn, that of the organisation.”
Welcome to Omada, Richard.

Engauging a Nation

At the birth of Australia’s rail network in the mid-1800s, our country was still made up of six colonies, and it would be 50 years before we became a nation. Back in the day, we had three different rail gauges and Omada rail engineers are still now working on standard, broad- and narrow-gauge railways. The integration to one standard gauge has been 100 years in the making and we are still moving towards seamless connectivity. Projects like Inland Rail are taking us a step closer with a consistent gauge connection from Melbourne to Brisbane.

Daniel Oakes

Daniel Oakes would always be the first pick if you were choosing a team to handle a complex Rail Systems Engineering project. As a Principal Engineer with a leadership role in the Omada team, Daniel can draw on over 30 years of experience in the Rail Industry in both Australia and the UK. His experience is matched by technical expertise and knowledge which he shares with the Omada team and at industry presentations