Greener Safer

Omada is proud to be contributing to an industry that is helping to reduce the impact that our growing transport system is having on the planet. Data suggests that trucks and cars make up 90% of transport emissions in Australia. Whereas Rail and rail freight produce 16 times less carbon pollution than road freight for every tonne kilometre travelled.

That’s why projects like Inland Rail are so important to our future. The nation building rail project will have many benefits to the environment including reducing the need for B- double trucks on our coastal roads making for safer travel. The inland Rail track will enable the use of double-stacked, 1,800m-long trains, one single train will carry the equivalent freight volume of 110 B-double trucks. Rail freight transportation is around 4 times more fuel efficient than moving freight by road, and Inland Rail will cut carbon emissions by an estimated 750,000 tonnes per year from 2050.

Rail passenger transport is also more environmentally friendly and safer than road transport. Passenger rail transport emits 30% less CO2 than road transport, contributing to the community health of our cities and towns. Each commuter train is estimated to reduce air pollution costs by $26,000 per year. Travelling by train is much safer than travelling by road. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, people travelling by car have more than ten times the risk of severe injury than those travelling by train, based on distance travelled. At Omada, our engineers work hard to create a greener, safer environment today and for our children’s future.

*Sources ARA, ARTC, AIHW