Specialist Skills

When it comes to Operational Systems capability, there are few specialist teams with the knowledge and experience that come from the Omada team. With expertise across all rail operational systems, Phil Beutel and his team, design and integrate complex Train Control and Rail Systems. This rare combination of talent also extends to software development, Data Processing and analytics, OT/ICT and Hardware Development. In the challenging world of integrated operational systems, Omada’s specialist team are also leaders in Asset and Conditioning Monitoring. At Omada, we are proud to have developed specialist teams like our Operational Systems team who work together to provide better and smarter outcomes for our clients. 

Phil Beutel – Principle Systems Engineer
In the rail industry, Phil Beutel is a rare breed of engineer with specialised expertise and a huge breadth of knowledge in operational technology design and rail operating systems.
As a principal systems engineer, at Omada, Phil brings 25 years of experience and leads our team of engineers, IT and technical professionals, in the delivery of key projects and services. Phil’s priorities include introducing new technology and innovation, which help improve the safety, efficiency and longevity of client assets.

Phil said. ‘With many railway operators looking towards digitisation of infrastructure and rollingstock, there is a growing need to provide integration between new technology and traditional signalling systems. Integration is the key to achieving enhanced operations and improving real-time understanding of the rail network. With the development of its rail systems capability, Omada offers clients more complete solutions and options for enhancing existing systems. This additional capability includes systems integration and interfacing, Train/Yard Control systems, SCADA, Condition Monitoring, Operational Technology solutions and Software development.’

Phil is passionate about bringing his experience and unique skill set to help the Omada team find world-class solutions that meet and surpass customers’ expectations.