What does it mean for a company to act with integrity?

At Omada, we understand that the vast number of concurrent rail projects across Australia means that the signalling services we provide are in short supply and high demand. In particular, if a project overruns or has delays, the balance of supply and demand is pushed even further apart.

We talk a lot about the services we provide and the values we strive to follow, but let’s look at some of the things we don’t do.

If a client comes to us in urgent need of testing services to get a project over the line, some companies might increase their rates with a “late-notice” surcharge; Omada doesn’t. If a client comes to us requiring urgent services to rectify a signalling fault, some companies use this as an opportunity to charge more for these highly demanded services; Omada doesn’t.

What we do, is stick to our schedule of rates, regardless of how urgently or desperately our services are required. We always act in the best interests of our clients and the community, undertaking our services with professional integrity. We believe that by showing this integrity, we foster long-lasting and effective working relationships with our clients. 

Our vision is to become recognised as the number 1 provider of railway signalling engineering services, design and project management solutions in Australia. We want to achieve this, not through monopolising the market, but by being the best at what we do.