How We Manage Working From Home

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How can we achieve the same standard of work when working from home?

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has caused changes to everyone’s daily routine, not just within Australia, but around the world. There have been many measures taken to try and stop the spread of the virus. In line with social distancing, we have taken the precaution to close the Omada office and have our team working from home. This situation presents us with a number of challenges, but also many opportunities to adapt and grow.

The importance of adaptability cannot be stressed enough as the situation changes day by day. Working from home has now become the norm. Despite this, Omada will continue to stick to our principles and work together to deliver the best service in the industry.

ChallengeCan our work be completed from home?


At Omada Rail Systems, we are in the fortunate position where all our current work can be completed while our staff work from home. This is one major hurdle overcome straight away, but how do we ensure that we provide the same level of service to our clients? It is vital that our team is able to work with continuity in a time where everything is changing.

ChallengeCan we ensure our staff are motivated to complete their work to their usual high standard?


Integrity is an integral pillar of our company. The consistent honesty demonstrated by our staff allows us to provide our unrivalled quality of service, while maintaining flexibility in our working arrangements. Our clients can be assured that during this period of remote working, the quality of our work will not decrease. This situation actually provides us with the opportunity to see an increase in productivity, with the removal of commute times and office distractions.

Our team members know that they are accountable for both the quality of their work and meeting their deadlines. In line with this, we know that our team members possess the self-discipline to ensure that they achieve what is required of them. The integrity shown by our team means that we trust our employees entirely, we are showing this by allowing them to take home all of the supplies and resources that they need to work from home effectively. By doing this, we have found another method of ensuring that our staff can be just as productive when working from their home.

Challenge: How can we maintain our collaborative approach to work?


Teamwork is one of the values that drives the culture of our company, it is imperative that we can maintain this trait that helps our team to be so effective. No solution is perfect in this scenario, as it is very difficult to beat the level of communication and collaboration you achieve in an office with face to face interactions. However, our use of video conferencing gives our team the ability to discuss their work face to face while also sharing their screen with each other.

Challenge: How do we maintain our social connections within the office?


One aspect of the office workplace that is often overlooked is the social connections that are formed. While working at the office, our Brisbane and Melbourne teams go for coffee together every morning. Just to have a general chat about what’s happening in the news (a popular topic recently), what we’re doing on the weekend or what’s happening in the world of sport. It really is the highlight of the day. That is why, while adhering to social distancing, we are continuing this tradition virtually. We have set up daily Teams meetings just to sit and have a coffee together from the comfort of our own homes. As so many things around us change, it is important to make sure that we try to continue with the parts of our normal routine that make us happy.