Where does our quality come from?

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At Omada Rail Systems, we are firm in the belief that we provide the best quality engineering services in the rail signalling industry. But how do we achieve this?

Our company has four key values: SAFETY, QUALITY, TEAMWORK and INTEGRITY. Our consistent quality comes from a combination of the values of safety, integrity and teamwork. Here is how we do it…

Safety in rail signalling is paramount and as such, all our staff are committed in taking a safety driven approach to their work. This stems from the many years of experience which our team possesses in working with and managing safety critical systems. With a consistently honest attitude to work, we are always able to produce our services to the highest standard. Our team has been carefully put together, to ensure that we can work as one unified collective. With our open plan office, we’ve made sure that our working environment is conducive to collaborative work; where peer checking, and idea sharing are encouraged. This allows us to eradicate any mistakes before our work leaves the office.

To guarantee that we continue to deliver the highest quality service in the future, we are working hard to develop youth within our company. Many of our staff have previously worked together and are now utilising their collective experience and knowledge to guide and mentor graduate engineers. With the quantity of upcoming projects across Australia, it is vital that young engineers are trained effectively so that we can continue to deliver the best level of service.