The Omada Vision

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After 4 years of operation as a company, we are taking a quick look at where we are, how we got here and where we are going.

Our backstory and the Omada vision

Omada was formed in 2016 by Luke Craven, Mark Hadfield and Chris Miller with the mutual desire to provide value for money and higher quality engineering services in the Australian rail market. From day one, the directors’ vision for the company has been to become the top provider of rail and telecommunications engineering services. In order to achieve this, a set of values was put in place to help guide the company forward. These values are Safety, Quality, Integrity and Teamwork.

Where we are now

A lot has changed at Omada since 2016, as a company we currently supply project management, signalling and telecommunications engineering services through all aspects of the project lifecycle to clients across Australia.

Despite the changes that have occurred, our core values remain the same and are visible throughout our company. Having built up an engineering team with well over 400 years of collective experience, safety is ingrained as a priority in all our working practices. The strength of our team stems from a diversity in backgrounds and skill sets, allowing effective collaboration with constructive discussion. These frequent discussions keep our team honest about their work; if something isn’t right, someone will speak up. This not only acts as a method for each individual to learn from their mistakes, but also as a tool to remove any mistakes or uncertainty from our work.

Omada has also entered two exciting partnerships with companies based in the UK, KeTech and Gioconda. Having made a massive impact during their Australian debut at AusRAIL, there is increasing interest in KeTech’s passenger information products from all over Australia. Gioconda’s services are also increasingly sought after in Australia. In an industry where efficiency is key, Gioconda’s services make signal sighting, driver training and asset mapping easier and faster.

Looking forward

After only one year in our current office, our team has grown to the point of needing to expand into a larger office (coming soon in April), while also maintaining our current space. This is a testament to our directors’ collective commitment to achieving the Omada vision, by exploring every opportunity to develop the company. Omada has grown year on year since 2016, and with a new graduate program, a stunning new office and an unrivalled hunger for success, 2020 should see yet more sustainable growth.