Staying Sane and Productive While Working From Home

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After almost a month of social distancing dictating that we work from home, for most the novelty is wearing off. A challenge that we are all facing is staying in the right frame of mind to work efficiently and productively. Here are a few things that the Omada team are doing to stay productive and healthy.

Set boundaries but don’t completely isolate yourself

There are times it is necessary to completely isolate yourself to get work done, but it is equally important to maintain social connections. Not only can a chat to your work buddy be beneficial to you, but you could also be helping them. A video chat, a phone call or even a text could improve someone’s mood, whether it be about work or not, continuing the water cooler style chats help to break up the day.

At Omada, we are running a competition to decide who has the best home set up alongside a game to guess who each set up belongs to. The winner of each gets $100 to donate to which ever charity they choose. This not only allows us to give to the community in a fun way, but also acts as a way to keep everyone connected. 


Routines can come in many forms. One method is to continue as you normally would by sticking to your regular routine. Even though you have no train or bus to catch and no traffic to sit through, set your alarm for the same time and run through that usual routine. This method keeps you in the ‘I’m going to work’ mind set. Another method can be to set out a to do list for the day, set the amount of time needed to achieve those goals and work through them in blocks. A benefit of this method is that each time an item is ticked off the to do list, there is a sense of achievement and motivation to continue achieving.

Stay healthy

There are a number of positive effects that exercise has on both physical and mental health that make working from home easier. Going for a daily morning run/walk/cycle as a part of your routine helps to reduce stress, stimulate brain function and increase energy levels, allowing for more focussed and productive work. Exercise can also be used to mentally signal the start and end of the working day, going for a run in the morning then a walk in the evening helps to switch in and out of the work mindset. Also vital is staying hydrated, keep a glass/bottle of water at your desk and go through at least 3 a day. Dehydration can lead to a lack of concentration and therefore a decrease in productivity.

Take breaks

Sitting at a desk all day can have an adverse effect on productivity. Taking a 10-15 minute break every 90 minutes is great way to keep stress to a minimum. Try to stay away from a screen during these breaks and get away from your desk. Make a cup of tea, play with the dog, take your mind away from work for 10 minutes and you will come back refreshed and ready to continue working. Without breaks the mind can become overworked and overstressed, leading to a decrease in productivity and resentment towards work.

While we hope that we will be returning to our office soon, it is important to ensure that our team and others throughout the industry can continue to be as productive and efficient as if they were in the office.