Statewide Pedestrian Crossing Project

MTM Statewide Pedestrian Crossing Upgrade Project

The Victorian Statewide Railway Crossing Program is a safety initiative that will upgrade many of the pedestrian crossings across Victoria from passive to active. This program will initially see upgrades to three separate pedestrian crossings across Brighton, Frankston, and Spotswood. The focus of this project is to improve public safety on the rail network.

After a careful selection process, Omada has been chosen as the best team to deliver the Civil and Signalling Design for three crossings as the principal contractor. We will be working with our partner, Kinsley Group, to ensure the project is delivered successfully. We know our team is capable of rising to the unique set of challenges posed by each crossing. This project is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate our ability to take the lead of a project and deliver to our usual high standards of quality and safety.

Safety is always our number one priority; this is why we are excited to be a part of a project which is so strongly focused on improving the public’s safety. We take pride in delivering projects which have a lasting positive impact on the community. As a company, we want to ensure that our work positively impacts the communities we work within. 

In delivering this project, we will be doing our part to assist Metro Trains Melbourne in reducing the risk of pedestrian accidents and injuries on the Rail Network.