Rail Safety Week 2020

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At Omada Rail Systems, Safety is our number one priority, always. As such, we are proud to be collaborating with the TrackSAFE Foundation to highlight rail safety during the annual Rail Safety Week (RSW). 

The TrackSAFE Foundation work with more than 90 rail operators, police units and government organisations across Australia and New Zealand. The aim of this campaign is to remind rail workers and the general public of the dangers that are associated with the railway and how to avoid risks. Advising people to remember to Be alert around trains and trams. At level crossings always look both ways, pay attention to signals, signs and platform lines, and only cross when it’s safe to do so.

TrackSAFE are also promoting these messages:

  • Rail Safety Week is in August, but your safety is a year-round commitment.
  • Exercise caution around the railways, stay clear of the rail corridor and always cross at designated crossing areas.
  • Always STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK when anywhere near the rail network – rail safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • You can always listen to that song or podcast later on and catch up on social media activity another time; hit pause on device distractions when near the rail network and tune into your surroundings.

Fatalities, incidents and near hits on the network can cause severe and lasting trauma to the rail employees involved, and the majority of these incidents can be avoided. This is why over 90 organisations have banded together to promote RSW. Reminding the community to act responsibility when near, or on, the railway.

For more information on Rail Safety Week and the TrackSAFE Foundation, head to their website at: