MTIA Signalling Courseware Development

Omada has been tasked to develop and trial five signalling testing courses, on behalf of MTIA’s Signalling Strategy Taskforce (SST).

The testing courseware will be developed by Omada and will provide objectively assessed pathways for local and international Signalling Designers and Testers to:

  • Gain domain knowledge for both MTM and V/ Line requirements.
  • Develop gap courses for workers who have completed the UK equivalent courses and integrate them with Victoria’s new Professional Engineers Registration Act.

The project is complex, as it consists of developing highly refined new course content and delivery mechanisms, for five separate courses that will be used across Victoria, to support the rail industry and in particular the delivery of the Government’s Big Build program.

The project has five stages:

  1. Tester in Charge course
  2. Assistant Tester course
  3. Principles Tester course
  4. Function Tester course
  5. Verification tester course


In June 2023, Omada developed work for the Tester in Charge course and the Assistant Tester course, these two courses are being piloted with SM Es from MTIA, V/Line and MTM, and the remaining three courses are under development.

Omada Rail Systems are delighted to be able to assist with this important work.