Mayne PBI Upgrade

2019 – 2020

Mayne is currently controlled by a mixture of relay and processor based interlockings. The vast majority of the signalling is controlled by relay interlockings, one controlling Mayne Yard North and another controlling the up and down main lines towards Wooloowin. Mayne interlocking also includes the control and indication for the satellite interlocking at Newmarket.

Modifications to live relay interlockings, as required for the introduction of Cross River Rail, are historically problematic and pose significant risk to both the operations of Queensland Rail and the delivery of Cross River Rail. In order to mitigate this, an early works package was initiated on Mayne relay interlocking to better accommodate future Cross River Rail stage works. With future projects impacting upon the area covered by Mayne Interlocking, it was proposed to replace the existing relay technology with the new PBI.

Omada is working, as contracted by Hitachi, to assist in the delivery of the signalling design, construction, testing & commissioning of the project.