Graduate Program Update

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After the first four months of working at Omada Rail Systems, we take a look at the amazing progress that Nicolas and Nathan have made in our Graduate program.

Overcoming Early Challenges

Two weeks after our graduates joined us at Omada, the decision was taken to close the Brisbane office and work from home due to COVID-19. This presented the graduates and the company with the challenge of continuing their basic signalling training (BST) online. To do this we utilised Microsoft Teams to host online tutorials. Our graduates were given material to preview and prepare for the workshops, which were generally two hours long and consisted of an initial lecture style presentation followed by some real-life examples and exercises. Despite the challenges of this situation, Nicolas and Nathan were able to remain on schedule for the graduate program and continue their development as planned.

BST & Competency Progress

Our graduates have so far managed to demonstrate competency in 13 out of 22 BST sections, with the remaining sections to be completed before the end of the year. Their base understanding of Railway Signalling has recently allowed them to achieve competency as MTM – Signal Assistant Designers. The rapid development they have shown can be attributed to their incredible commitment to learning and the effective application of their knowledge; consistently displaying the values of teamwork and integrity that we look for in Omada team members.

Project Work

As a part of their rapid development, Nicolas and Nathan have played a major role in the ongoing work being done for The Rail Academy in Newport. While under close supervision and mentorship, they have travelled to Melbourne to collect the information required and are now working on drawing the required updates. The continuation of their work on this project will allow them to further develop and refine their MicroStation skills.