Expanding the Omada test team

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The Omada Rail Systems test team is growing, we now have the resources for testing in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Under the leadership of our test engineering manager, Ian Arnold, we have strategically recruited team members that significantly increase our capability to work on projects Australia wide. Recent additions to our test team include, Julie Pennington, Bob Quarrell (as a contractor) and, most recently, Matthew Hooper.

Welcome Matthew

The newest member of the Omada team, Matthew is a highly experienced tester and has tester competencies across QR, MTM, ARTC and DPTI. He has more than 17 years of experience in leading teams on several large projects, successfully meeting deadlines and commissioning with positive feedback. Not only is Matthew a strong addition to our team, he is also based in Adelaide which opens up more opportunities for us to expand in that region.

South Australian Expansion

We have targeted South Australia as the ideal location for us to continue our progression as a company. Broadening our footprint as a company, having team members in more locations allows us to work on a greater number of projects at once. This also allows us to reduce our cost of travel, previously needing to fly staff to South Australia for work, ensuring our clients get the best value for our services. Our expansion into the testing field is a signal of our intent to further grow and achieve our goal of becoming the number one signalling engineering services.

Youth Development

Youth development is something we value highly at Omada. As such, we are utilising the wealth of experience that we have in our team to develop the knowledge our younger engineers. As a part of our graduate program, our graduates will be taking part in testing work while under the mentorship and strict supervision of our more experienced team members.