Expanding Our Capabilities

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In line with our vision to become recognised as the number one provider of railway signalling engineering services, we are focussed on continuous growth and development.

In order to grow Omada as a business, we have grown our team. By bringing on some of the industry’s most renowned engineers, we are making a statement that we are serious about achieving our vision. Since the new year, we have almost doubled the number of engineers in our team, bringing in people with a wide range of experiences. The two young engineers who started in our graduate program in March are rapidly developing their skills and under the mentorship of our more experienced team members, our graduates have access to incredible knowledge and expereinces.

Having expanded our team, we have also had to expand our office. Although unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions have delayed us from working in the new office space. Increasing our facilities has opened up many potential opportunities, such as a simulation room, or a dedicated project space, to name a few. When selecting our new office, it was important to find a space that allows our team to continue working collaboratively. Allowing us to grow and develop while maintaining our core values.

With the expansion of our team and facilities, we have also expanded our capabilities for work. In particular, we have significantly expanded our testing team. Currently in the rail industry, there is plenty of work available for a limited number of service providers. Our increased capabilities provide the major asset owners with a new option. As we grow, an important focus for us is maintaining the high level of service we provide. In order to do this, we have ensured that all our new team members understand and are on board with our philosophies. Standing by our company values allows us to be confident in our ability to effectively deliver much larger projects with the same high standards of quality and safety that our clients expect.