Expanding Internationally

Omada Rail Systems now has a presence in the UK!

Following the announcement of our newest arrival, Andrew Laz, we take a look at what he brings to our team. Unfortunately, due to the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, Andrew is unable to join us in Australia and is remaining in the UK with his family.  However, as the silver lining that comes with every cloud, that means that we now have a full-time presence in the UK. This is a significant step for Omada as a company, expanding our horizons across the globe.

As a result, we are now able to open ourselves to any UK based companies requiring assistance in signal design works. Andrew has 19 years’ experience in the railway and has spent the last five years working in the UK as a Signalling Principle Designer/Verifier. As a highly qualified and competent engineer, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team and our clients. Andrew also holds an IRSE license and has a thorough understanding of the rail infrastructure in the UK and its requirements.

There is a global shortage of Signalling engineers, particularly ones with so much experience, and we are doing our best to meet that demand. As most of our team in Australia have British citizenship and have worked in the UK previously, including two out of our three directors, we have a great network of industry contacts in the UK.

Most importantly, our team know that safety and quality are paramount in delivery. We have built our reputation in Australia on the back of delivering high quality work at a value for money price while going beyond our client’s expectations.

For a greater understanding of the services Omada Rail Systems provide, visit our Services Page.