4 Reasons to Choose Omada Rail Systems

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At Omada Rail Systems, we take pride in our strong focus on our core values.

We aim to earn and build on our client’s trust through the commitment that we show to our values. Here are four reasons to consider our services.


One characteristic of our company, which we are particularly proud of, is our ability to innovate. In order to meet our goal of being the leading group within our industry, innovation is vital. This is why, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities globally to partner with businesses sharing our desire to innovate. By partnering with these companies, we can exercise our knowledge of systems integration to bring new technology to Australia. On top of bringing in external innovations, we are also proud of our ability to innovate internally by constantly finding ways to streamline our processes to be more time efficient while maintaining the quality of our output. 


Omada is a relatively ‘young’ company when compared to others in this industry. This is something we see as a great advantage and point of difference for us, as our youth makes us adaptable, dynamic and creative. The rail industry facing two major challenges: the need to enable the rail network to carry a growing volume of people on existing tracks and the need to overcome the issue of an aging work force. In order to do our part to combat one of these issues, we have launched our graduate program. We currently have plans in place to take on two new graduates each year to ensure we have a consistent flow of youth into our company. We are providing our graduates with high-level training and real project work to effectively prepare them for work once their program has ended.

Omada Rail Systems

There is no ‘I’ in ‘Omada’

‘Omada’ is the Greek word meaning ‘Team’, and is the defining word of our company. Each and every team member is aligned in working to achieve Omada’s goals, but why?

Our ambition as a company to become the industry’s best, inspires our team to work hard and support each other. “There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’” is much more than just a phrase, it’s a mentality, and one which we carry into all our work. We recognise that Omada would be nothing without its team, that’s why we give back to our team by encouraging and providing personal and professional development opportunities.

Quality and Value

As with any business decision, the most important consideration is what you are going to get for your money. Due to our team’s extensive experience in safety critical systems, we are able to provide the highest quality signalling services. Despite our high quality, our prices are highly competitive due to our efficient processes and low costs. When delivering our services, safety is always our number one priority, and with this mindset we are able to consistently meet and exceed our client’s expectations.