Fostering sustainable growth through efficiency and positivity

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Since the beginning of 2019, the team at Omada Rail Systems has more than doubled. 

This rapid but sustainable growth has been necessary to facilitate the growing number of projects we are involved in. Growth of this nature comes with its challenges; however, we believe that we have effectively expanded our team without any detriment to the working environment.

Maintaining a positive atmosphere

Over four years of operation, our team has established an extremely positive and friendly atmosphere. A staple of the daily routine, going for coffee as a group is a highlight of each day. As our team has grown, many new and different personalities have been introduced to the office in a short space of time. While this could pose a risk to the office atmosphere, the team’s inclusive and friendly attitude has negated that risk. This has also helped the new team members settle in straight away, something that is not always easy.

Managing development

Challenged with managing more team members across a growing number of projects, Omada’s directors have succeeded in maintaining a positive and effective working environment. We are actively pushing to ensure that everybody in our team has the competencies required to work on projects all across Australia. We recognise the value of our team; without it we are nothing. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve our already highly skilled and experienced team. To further improve their qualifications and skills we provide our team with professional development opportunities such as, Cert IVs and Post-graduate qualifications.

Sharing values

We are committed to our values of Safety, Quality, Integrity and Teamwork. Maintaining this mentality is something that we see as a major reason for our continued success. Therefore, we look to bring people on to our team who share our values and our drive to grow. Our goal is much more than just to be the number one provider of railway signalling engineering services, we want to be seen as the company that everyone wants to work for.